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Joseph I Northup was b. abt 1823, the son of Daniel and Martha Northup He married 1.) Sara Ann Weller/Welles? (b:abt 1824 d: 5-23-1854) They had 3 children, Adelaide, Josephine Northup (b:1851 d:1919, (she married Daniel Cosgrove b:1851 d:March 14,1919.), and Joseph II (b 3-15-1854; d 10-21-1929) 2.) Catherine RICHARDSON (B. 1833, D. 1880) and had at least six more children. He died Dec 07, 1881 at the age of 58 according to his obituary. It states that he was a native of Alexandria, Jefferson County, N.Y. and a resident of Louisiana for 32 years. He died in Ascension Parish, La. 1880

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Joseph Northup Family

Children of Joseph and Sarah Ann (Weller) Northup

Adelaide NORTHUP b. ?? d. ??
Josephine Northup b:1851 M. Daniel Cosgrove (b:1851 d:March 14,1919) d:1919
Joseph II Northup b 3-15-1854 m. Jessie Gordon d 10-21-1929

Children of Joseph and Catherine (Richardson) Northup

Colanthe NORTHUP b. 1854; New Orleans, Orleans, La m. John SAINT CLAIR d. 1899
Daniel Harold Northup b. Jun 06, 1855 M. ?? d. Apr 21, 1928
Sarah Kosser NORTHUP b. 1857; New Orleans, Orleans, La m. Leon MARTHE d. 1910
Mable NORTHUP b. 1867; New Orleans, Orleans, La m. Jack JONES d. 1923
Minnie NORTHUP b. 1872; New Orleans, Orleans, La d. 1913
Cynthia NORTHUP b. 1874; New Orleans, Orleans, La d. ??